From the Editors Log Book



Cares and Concerns

Members of the Nutmeg Chapter send wishes for a Speedy Recovery to Harold Foskett and Vanessa Coutu!  Hope to see you at our May 19 meeting.

If you know of any cares and concerns that Nutmeg members should know about, please contact an officer or Don so that we can keep our membership informed about each other.  Thank you!

Mike’s Mystery Truck is a 1947 Available Milk Tanker.  You will note the familiar Borden’s Milk logo and name on this truck. Available trucks were made in Chicago; this truck is from Chicago Milk Division.  Borden’s Milk beginnings can be traced to Burrville, CT.  Once again the Nutmeg Chapter is grateful to have Mike Pietraroia’s drawings in our files for publication in The Steering Column.  Members will continue to enjoy Mike’s talent as his drawings and artistic legacy live on.

Nutmeg Chapter Member’s Truck   Nutmeg members are encouraged to consider telling “your story” about that truck that you have devoted so much time to!  You may compose your article or Don can do a phone interview to get your story.  Then we need a photo or two and you will be featured in the next edition!  If no one volunteers, then it will be “Editor’s Choice” and Don may contact you!   Dick Kemp’s Truck Museum is this month’s feature and showcases photos from Don’s vast collection.  Any Volunteers for the next issue? Don’t be shy, your story should be in the Nutmeg Steering Column!

Nutmeg Chapter History  As was noted in the last issue of the Newsletter Bernice West is actively working on the history of   our Nutmeg Chapter.  Bernice is making progress, but she still needs our help in locating information on the early years of the Chapter.  She, as well as Jonathan, is still looking for assistance in writing the Nutmeg Chapter’s history.  Give Bernice a call at 860-306-5875.  She would love to hear from YOU. 

 Also Jon is always looking for items of interest to post on our Chapter’s Facebook page.  Be a part of the social media scene and contact Jon Yeomans today!  You can help spread the word about our Chapter.

Everyone has a story to tell!  Why not share yours? We are looking for any photos, short stories about your restoration project, the history of your antique truck and of course, “road stories” to share with fellow antique truck enthusiasts! It’s really easy!  Just give me a call, send a note or email me and together we can create your story that your fellow members will love to read.   Call 860-274-4758 or  today—Be in our Next ISSUE!                                                          

Do you have something to sell, some part for your restoration project that you are looking for?  You can advertise it FREE in our Chapter Newsletter.  Members report they are getting good results for their Ads in the Newsletter.  Contact Don at 860-274-4758 or