Meeting Minutes



March 19, 2017

Call to Order:  2:10 PM by Nutmeg Chapter President Jonathan (Jon) Yeomans.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by the Chapter President.   Jon extended a heartfelt thank you from the Club members to Matt Pfahl for his hospitality in welcoming the Nutmeg Chapter members to hold the Chapter meeting at Pfahl’s Mack and Antique Truck Restoration Shop.   Once again Matt, Mackenzie and Matthew treated the members

to giant sub sandwiches and all the extras along with pasta salad and an assortment of beverages.  Both before and after the meeting, members were able to stroll among works-in-progress and completed restoration projects.  Matthew provided histories and stories to address the members’ questions about all they saw.

Forty club members were in attendance.  Guests attending the meeting were Will Whitman and Bill Mitchell of the ATCA Chapter from Danbury, CT and JD’s son-in-law Dave Shiver and grandson Eric Shiver.

Secretary’s Report:

A motion was made to accept the Secretary’s Report of the January 15, 2017 meeting as it appeared in the Newsletter.  The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously to approve the report.

Membership Report: Elizabeth Robertson   (presented by Don Arnauckas)

There are currently 172 Members: 117 have paid 2017 dues and 55 have not. 39 members remain delinquent in paying 2016 dues.  On the other hand, 13 members have paid through 2018, two through 2019 and one through 2027.

NOTE:  Dues were collected today from the following members:  Ubald Saskal, Jack Moccio, Jeff Hale and Byron Hale.

A motion was made to accept the Membership Report.  The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously to approve the report.

Treasurer Report: Period from January 1 – February 28, 2017:   Submitted by Tom Bachand  (Presented  by Jon Yeomans)

  1. Regular Club Account Activity:

Deposits:  Dues, 50/50 Raffle Proceeds, Donation

Expenses:  BTS Graphics, and Newsletter Supplies.  Due to the imminent increase in postage fees, Don purchased stamps                 in advance to save higher costs for the Club.

  1. Show Account Activity:

Expenses:  Terrie’s Embroidery for 20 Show caps

A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as stated. The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously to approve the report.


  1. ATHS Nutmeg Chapter Steering Column Newsletter

Don welcomes chapter members’ contributions to the Newsletter in the form of stories, pictures, “for sale & wanted” advertisements in addition to business cards.  Jon will extend an offer artist Dorothy L. Hall of Bolton CT to place her business card in the next Newsletter for the benefit of any members who might want drawings of their trucks.

  1. Website and Social Media:

Jonathan reported the following about the Nutmeg Chapter Face book page:  There are currently 560 followers.

(264 reported one year ago at this meeting).  On a daily basis during the month of April, Jon will upload photos

to spotlight one or two trucks as a lead-in to the Brooklyn  Show.


  1. Brooklyn Truck Show

*The 2017 Brooklyn Show advertisement has appeared in the Wheels of Time publication.

Jon will bring show flyers and posters to the May meeting.  If anyone wants them ahead of time, call Jon.

An electronic version is also available and Jon will email it to anyone who wants to share it through social media.


*Volunteers are needed for the following positions:  Flea Market overseer, Registration Booth for distribution of

dash plaques and windshield placards, and centralized money collection, Club Merchandise sales adjacent to Registration Booth, Pedestrian Parking, Truck Parking, Gate Keeping/Money Collection, Saturday set-up and Sunday clean-up, and relief support.  Please help to make this show a smooth operation, a successful endeavor and fun for one and all by signing up in advance with your commitment.

* Tee shirts will be ordered with an adjustment to quantity and size based on previous years’ sales figures.

  1. 2017 Meeting Locations:

* May 21st:  Coutu’s Truck Country, Willimantic, CT.

* July 9th:    Ken and Daisy Miller will host in Broad Brook, CT

* September:   to be determined

Jack and Shirley Moccio are looking into the potential of a meeting or event at their home.

  1. Jonathan spoke of plans for social events between meetings and shows. Members discussed the potential to have coffee or breakfast get-togethers at various diners and truck stops.  Locations mentioned included TA Travel Center in Willington on Ruby Rd., Blondies in Wyndham on Route 32, Track 9 in Willington at the junction of Routes 32 & 74, Sky Diner in South Windsor on Route 5, and the Skyline Diner at Bradley Airport.  Jon will set up a Saturday date to be announced in the Newsletter.


  1. Events:

*August 5:  The ATHS Green Mountain Show in Bellows Falls, VT

* August 27:  Rose Farm Stewardship Committee invites the Nutmeg Chapter to attend its Farmers Market and

Antique Truck and Tractor Show in Bolton, CT.

* Labor Day:  Woodstock Fair invites the Nutmeg Chapter antique trucks.  The Fair donates to the Club.

* September 10:   The Make A Wish Truck Convoy at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT.  Kids are allowed to go for a ride in a truck and all proceeds from the event go directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to be used by children with medical issues typically of life-threatening or life-altering in nature to satisfy a wish they have.  The route has been changed from I-84 to Route 384 and Route 85 then back to Rentschler Field.  The event has grown considerably to a number of 540 participating trucks.  Lead vehicles are fire trucks and the top speed would not be challenging for antique trucks with original engines and transmissions.  A trophy is presented in the antique truck category.  The largest fleet has been represented by United Parcel Service with 150 vehicles.

  1. Chapter History: Bernice continues to compile information to write the Chapter History.  She is looking for copies of the first Wheels of Time editions as well as Nutmeg Chapter Newsletters, and posters or pictures of Nutmeg Chapter shows at Durham and Portland Fairgrounds in addition to club officer information prior to 1986.
  2. National ATHS News: Lynne Grayville has stepped down from his position.

50/50 Raffle Winner:  Jeff and Byron Hale were the winners of the 50/50 Raffle.  Congratulations!!


  1. At Jonathan’s invitation, Matt Pfhal spoke about his restoration business and projects. Thirty years ago, a love affair with a B Model in need of restoration was the beginning of the business.  Once others saw the work in progress on that truck they began bringing him truck projects.  In his 25th year of business, Matt expanded the facilities to the present building and the employee count from one to six.  The Greyhound Bus project may be completed in four months.  After 25-26,000 hours and $1.4 million, all that remains for the restoration are four seats, wiring and panels.    Matthew, Matt and Mackenzie are currently restoring a 1930 BK fire truck.  Also, a current challenge involves the Cummins Engine Manufacturers 100th Anniversary in 2019.  Representatives have asked Matt to find to restore an early 1930s truck with either a Cummins engine installed at the factory or post production.
  2. Peter Yeomans shared his 1946 four wheel drive Marmon Harrington Ford story. He purchased it in 1972 from the state of New York.  It plowed snow for 29 years but did not have a power angled plow or a right hand windshield wiper. Ten years ago Peter saw an F6 Ford for sale and it had a power angle plow.  His idea was to just buy the plow; however the owner had a different idea and Peter purchased the F6 Ford, plow and all.  The Marmon has been hauling firewood weekly.
  3. Charlie Dainton has changed the cab and body on his 2001 Electrical Service Pickup Truck and now he has a cab for sale. There will be an advertisement in the Newsletter.
  4. Bill Lindsley shared information about the Cole’s Land Transportation Museum in Bangor, Maine. In the exhibit the museum also has an original wooden snow roller that was pulled by horses and the first V Plow, also made of wood. Visit them at before opening day on May 7.

Reminder:  Every truck has a story waiting to be told — share those stories with Don for the Newsletter.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jay, Secretary