Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Nutmeg Chapter Meeting

January 13, 2019

Call to Order:  Donald Arnauckas, Nutmeg Chapter President, called the meeting to order at 2:00.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by the Chapter President.  Don expressed appreciation to Harold and Cynthia Foskett for once again hosting this January meeting at Foskett Equipment. New Members Bill May and John Hopkin were welcomed.  A total of 44 members and guests were present.  Representatives from TEEG, the East Woodstock Cornet Band, the Pomfret Boy Scout Troop 26, and the ARC were present to accept the 2018 charitable donations from the Nutmeg Chapter show profits.

A motion was made and seconded to change the Order of Business in order to introduce the guests and to present the checks.   The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously to change the order.  The following introductions were made:


1)  Ann Stoddard, Scout Master for the Pomfret Boy Scouts, accepted the check for $750.00 in appreciation of the Scouts’ work in

the spectator lots with the car parking.  Ann remarked that this was the 25th year of their participation at the Brooklyn Show.

2)  Sue Desrosiers, The Arc of Quinebaug Valley, gave a brief history of the Arc. Founded in 1952, The Arc of Quinebaug Valley is a non-

profit human service agency committed to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Through a diverse array of programs, the Arc works with individuals and families living in the Northeast corner of Connecticut.   Sue

accepted the Chapter’s check in the amount of $1000.00

3)  Maxine Marcy, East Woodstock Cornet Band, accepted the $1000.00 check.  The East Woodstock Cornet Band was founded by a joint

Resolution of the Connecticut House of Representatives in 1893 and the brass band currently has 35 – 40 musicians. Of particular

interest to this antique truck club was the story Maxine told of the portable bandstand that began life as a 1935 truck.  This bit of

Yankee Ingenuity was brought through necessity more or less, since the bandstand on the East Woodstock Common had been

destroyed by the hurricane of 1938.

4) Ann Miller of TEEG (Thompson Ecumenical Empowerment Group) talked about the small grassroots non-profit social service agency

in North Grosvenordale, CT that began in 1985.  The organization offers a hand up to serve the neighbors in need of Northeast

Connecticut communities.  The check for $1000.00 was gratefully accepted.

5)  Also present was our own Chapter member, Denis Yaworski with his grandson Byron Hale.  On behalf of the Haul of Fame Museum,

they accepted the Chapter’s $1500.00 check that will help with the museum’s expenses.

6)  A representative from the Salvation Army was unable to attend today’s meeting and the check for $1000.00 will be mailed.

After the presentation of the checks, visitors were invited to remain for the meeting and to enjoy refreshments.


A motion was then made and seconded to resume the regular Order of Business.  All were in favor and voted unanimously to resume.


Secretary’s Report:

A motion was made to accept the Secretary’s Minutes of the November 11, 2018 meeting as they appeared in the Newsletter.  The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously to approve the Minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:  Tom Bachand        Reporting period November 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018

  1. Savings Account- No activity
  2. Regular Account

Income: Donations, 50/50 Raffle, Dues, Newsletter Advertisement, Members Thanksgiving meal income

Expenses:  Postage, BTS Graphics for newsletter, Matthews Catering additional meals, November Meeting Host, Hale Family Donation,

Elizabeth Robertson Appreciation Gift, Membership cards and other supplies

  1. Show Account Activity –No activity

Tom noted that the Annual Report is complete and was available to officers for their review although signatures are no longer required.

A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.  The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously

to approve the report.

Membership:  Thomas Bachand

Tom reported that we have 169 members.  45 members owe 2019 dues.  There will be envelopes in the March-April Newsletter for members to send in their 2019 dues payments.  If dues are not received by the next Newsletter publication, the member will be dropped from the Membership Roster.




Newsletter:  Donald Arnauckas

  1. There will be a flyer in the next Newsletter pertaining to the New York Department of Transportation concerning “hobby trucks”. 2.  The deadline for submissions to the Newsletter is two weeks after the meeting.  The next Newsletter deadline date is January 27.
  2. Articles for submission include Classified Ads, Cares & Concerns, Stories, News & Photos.

Website and Social Media:  Linda Raymond

The current Nutmeg Chapter website is not user-friendly.  It is possible to upgrade to a new site.  Jonathan will investigate.

Nutmeg Chapter History    Bernice West has compiled the original club history and gave it to Tom.  Jonathan has volunteered to speak to Daisy and Kenny Miller for more current history.


Brooklyn Truck Show   June 23, 2019

  1. Lee Johnson’s General Motors Truck will be the featured truck for 2019.
  2. John Raymond, Show Coordinator, stated that the tee shirts, flyers, posters, and dash plaques will be previewed at the March


When asked if he would be ordering kids’ tee shirts, he noted that the cost would be an additional $130.00 due to the different

transfer set up required for smaller sizes.

  1. The Fairgrounds have been reserved. Since there were no complaints about the food vendors, the same ones will be on site.
  2. The need remains for volunteers to commit to a work time frame during the weekend. 5 – 10 people will be needed for 1:00

Saturday set up.  Charlie Dainton needs one helper for the Flea Market set up, needs more stakes and a money collector from

5:30 AM to about 10:00 AM on Sunday.

  1. There was discussion about vests and identification for the vendors.
  2. The Toy Barn: A decision about the Toy Barn for the 2019 Show was made today.  Discussion ensued.

Maggie McCormick has researched the following publications to advertise for toy vendors to participate and collectors to come:

*Antique Toy World:  Cost is $5.00 a month to run an advertisement advertising the 20X20 space.

*The Time Machine publication available in Manchester, Enfield, New Britain

Maggie has volunteered to spearhead the Toy Barn resurrection.  Her plan is to also have a poster to place in toy stores.  In

addition, she has asked for volunteers to commit as she has, to being available at 6:00AM Sunday morning to assist her

with the toy vendors set up.  Furthermore, it was stated that a Toy Show Banner as well as two sided 24X18 lawn signs ($30.00)

would be required in order to direct spectators and attendees to the Toy Barn.

  1. Golf Carts: John Raymond will research the rental cost as well as delivery and pick up options.  Anyone with a golf cart is

encouraged to bring it to the show.

  1. Brooklyn Show Promotion & Advertisement. Tom Bachand has volunteered to research the price of full page ads in the Truck

      Buyers Guide and Truck Trader publications.

Future Meeting Locations:

March 17, 2019:  Matt Pfahl has volunteered to host the meeting again at the Pfahl’s Truck Restoration location in Bethlehem CT.  Don noted that Matt has a model truck collection in the loft of his garage and welcomes all members to wander upstairs to see it. Members are also invited to bring their own toy trucks for the Club’s first “Winter Indoor Toy Truck Show”.  (See Details on Page 2 in this Newsletter.)

May 19, 2019:  Harold Foskett will speak to member Mike Andert about hosting the meeting at Andert, Inc. in Eastford, CT. Mike has expressed a desire to host a meeting. (See Events Listing)

Other Business

  1. Keystone Museum in February: Don invited members to consider a trip to the Keystone Museum. The Wheels of Time Sept/Oct 2017 issue has a story about the museum.  Plans could be made for those interested.  Let Don know if you are interested.                                                                                                           2.  Table Top Reading:  At the meeting desk there were extra copies of the Wheels of Time that has gathering dates for organizations of retired truck drivers.  Also available were ATHS National Membership forms and Nutmeg Chapter Membership forms for those interested in joining either.                                                                                                                                                                    3.  The 50/50 raffle winner was Lance Dimock.

Story Time:  Denis Yaworski treated everyone to a memory of Bob West by sharing the story of the time he and Bob transported the Edaville Rail Road cars to the Edaville Rail Museum in Carver, Maine.  It is a fun and interactive museum to visit during the season.

Adjournment:  3:20 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jay, Secretary