Meeting Minutes



July 9, 2017


Call to Order:  2:00 PM by Nutmeg Chapter President Jonathan (Jon) Yeomans.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by the Club President.  A total of 32 members and guests were in attendance.  On behalf of the Club, Jon thanked Ken and Daisy Miller for their warm welcome.  There was an abundance of beverages with hot dogs, hamburgers and sautéed peppers and onions cooked over a bed of hot coals.  There was visiting and sharing of stories among the folks strolling the grounds and relaxing in the shade of the canopies and maple trees.   Kenny and Daisy have cleared acreage and opened up the property around the buildings.  As always, guests were invited to wander among the antique vehicles in the collection to view the various stages of restoration.   And, as always, there was plenty to see and admire.

Secretary’s Report:

A motion was made to accept the Secretary’s Report of the May 21, 2017 meeting as it appeared in the Newsletter.  The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously to approve the report.

Membership Report: Elizabeth Robertson

There are currently 177 Members.   Twenty members remain delinquent in paying 2016 dues.  On the other hand, one member has paid dues through 2027.

A motion was made to accept the Membership Report.  The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously to approve the report.  At the same time, the members agreed that the 20 delinquent in dues payment should receive a phone call notifying them that they are being removed from the Newsletter and membership roster.

The cost of the Newsletter publication and mailing prohibits the club from just arbitrarily mailing Newsletters to those who are not supporting the Club expenses. Jon will make these calls.

Treasurer’s Report:  (Jonathan for Tom Bachand)

Due to the mid-July meeting date, a current bank statement was not available.  All checks received have been deposited and all expenses to date have been paid.  Tom Bachand submitted a detailed 2017 Nutmeg Show Report of income, expense and profit figures that Jon presented at the meeting.   Tom will present a full Treasurer’s Report at the September meeting.


  1. ATHS Nutmeg Chapter Steering Column Newsletter: Editor Don Arnauckas

Don noted that there was not a designated photographer to take the show pictures.  He is asking members to email him any pictures they might have of the trucks.  He also has offered to research any member’s subject of interest that might be included in the Newsletter (e.g. the July-August spread on Allis-Chalmers that generated interest and discussion).  All ideas and interests will be welcomed as Don has an extensive archive of truck literature, histories and pictures.

  1. Website and Social Media:

Jonathan reported the following about the Nutmeg Chapter Facebook page:  There are currently 640 followers.

(an increase since May of 72 new followers.)  Jon noted that the pictures and articles boosted visitor count and that the   advertisement reached 8200.


  1. 2017 Meeting Locations:

* September 17, 2017:   Jack Moccio has invited the Nutmeg Chapter to hold its September meeting at his garage located at 6 Industrial Road in Southwick, MA.  Old trucks are welcome as there is plenty of parking. Members are invited to bring a snack or dessert to share.

  1. Social Event Opportunities
  2. The breakfast gathering at the TA Truck Shop did not draw many members.
  3. Owl’s Head Truck Show caravan of those attending and/or bringing their trucks.
  4. Mark’s Theme Cruise Night – East Granby, CT. (  If the Nutmeg Chapter will commit to 15 units to attend, a night featuring the Club and its trucks can be arranged on Mark’s calendar.
  5. Pioneer Valley Show in October.  A convoy could be set up with a start point in Enfield.  This will be finalized at the September meeting.
  6. Labor Day Weekend Woodstock Fair:  As always, the Nutmeg Chapter is invited to bring its trucks to the Fairgrounds for display.  Remember, that admission is free for those who do so and the Fair Committee always makes a donation to the Club based on the number of trucks in attendance.
  7. Sonny’s Place, Somers CT:  Tuesday Cruise Nights with activities for families.
  8. Fall Truck Tour:  Any interest??


From John Raymond, Show Director:

“We processed 287 vehicles in about 3 hours.  I do not have the attendance count, but I feel it is safe to say about 1100+ passed through the gates in about 4 hours.  Those are some impressive numbers to be handled by a relatively small number of volunteers.  So to EVERYONE who helped in any degree THANK YOU!  You all made it a Great Show.   John Raymond”

Comments/observations from the President and Board of Directors:

  1. Volunteers really stepped up to help make the show a success.
  2. The investment in the new signs was well worth the cost.
  3. Lee Johnson’s Golf Cart was a huge help.  Thank you, Lee.
  4. The Boy Scouts did an outstanding job.  Kudos to them for directing traffic and parking spectator vehicles.
  5. Show trucks were parked in a very well organized fashion for display.
  6. The Andover Ladder Truck provided an excellent opportunity for aerial photographs.
  7. The Flea Market spots were well marked and organized.

Recommendations/Observations from the President and Board of Directors

  1.  The tent canopies need to be staked down as the wind caught and broke two new ones.
  2. The Pedestrian Gate and the Truck Parking areas still need more volunteers for break coverage.
  3. The Volunteer Signup Sheet needs to be used more effectively.
  4. CB Radios would facilitate communication.  Proposal to purchase some for next year (8?)
  5. Designated parking should be determined and signage provided for motorcycles, handicapped and band member parking.
  6. Spectator Gate admission collection should stop at 1:00 PM as trucks start to leave at that time.
  7. Designated Photographer at the Truck Check In/Registration (Foskett) tent is needed.

Recommendations/Observations from Nutmeg Chapter members at this meeting

  1. Rent golf carts.  They would be delivered and picked up by the rental company.
  2. Handicapped Parking could be designated in the area behind the Toy Barn.
  3. Children’s Tee Shirts should be ordered and purchased.  They could be sold consecutive years with a “generic” truck on the shirt.  It was recommended that we use our Nutmeg Chapter GMC truck for the kids’ shirts.  Does anyone have a picture…….digital or one that could be scanned?
  4. Visitors helped out at the Truck Check-in / Registration Tent again this year.  Last year the same thing happened.  It is noted and highly recommended that additional help and relief be provided to the Fosketts to facilitate this job for both volunteers and drivers.  It was noted that the Club’s Appreciation is being expressed to those who jumped in to help in this area during the 2016 and 2017 shows.
  5.  The Toy Vendor has announced that it will not be participating in 2018.  This leaves a building empty that should be utilized.  The rent paid by the vendor has subsidized our cost to rent the building.  The Brooklyn Fairgrounds Director, Sandy, supports our efforts here and we in turn want to support the fairgrounds with as full a complement as possible.  Does anyone know of a vendor??
  6. The Back Spectator Gate should be open with two lanes of traffic.  This is standard procedure.
  7. There should be better signage clarifying Spectator admission fee to differentiate between individual, not car fee.
  8. A directional sign to the Fairgrounds should be set up at the Route 6 fork.

Future recommendations, ideas, suggestions are being sought from all membership.  Please contact Jon with anything you would like addressed regarding the Brooklyn Show.



  1. Events:

*August 5:  The ATHS Green Mountain Show in Bellows Falls, VT

* August 27:  Rose Farm Stewardship Committee invites the Nutmeg Chapter to attend its Farmers Market and

Antique Truck and Tractor Show in Bolton, CT.

* Labor Day:  Woodstock Fair invites the Nutmeg Chapter antique trucks.  The Fair donates to the Club.

* September 10:   The Make-A-Wish Truck Convoy at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT.  Kids are allowed to go for a ride in a truck and all proceeds from the event go directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to be used by children with medical issues, typically of life threatening or life altering nature to satisfy a wish they have.  The route has been changed from I-84 to Route 384 and Route 85 then back to Rentschler Field.  The event has grown considerably to a number of 540 participating trucks.  Lead vehicles are fire trucks and the top speed would not be challenging for antique trucks with original engines and transmissions.  A trophy is presented in the antique truck category.  The largest fleet has been represented by United Parcel Service with 150 vehicles.

  1. Chapter History: Bernice continues to compile information to write the Chapter History.  She is looking for copies of the first Wheels of Time editions as well as Nutmeg Chapter Newsletters, and posters or pictures of Nutmeg Chapter shows at Durham and Portland Fairgrounds in addition to club officer information prior to 1986.
  2. National ATHS News: Jim Poage is acting interim executive director. There is an article in the “Wheels of Time” about him.
  3. November ThanksGiving Dinner: Members present expressed their desire to have the meeting at the Haul of Fame once again.  Jon will talk to Denis about availability and a date.  Concern was expressed about enough time for members to respond with the RSVP between the members’ receipt of the September-October Newsletters with the RSVP and the actual date of the dinner.

50/50 Raffle Winner:  Frank Doyker donated the 50/50 Raffle Winnings back to the Nutmeg Chapter.


  1. Peter Yeomans expressed the family’s accomplishment this year of managing to get five trucks from Andover to Brooklyn and home again with no mishaps.  He said that it was a “First”.

Reminder:  Every truck, every owner has a story waiting to be told ~ share those stories with Don for publication.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Betty Jay, Secretary