Meeting Minutes



March 18, 2018


Call to Order:  2:15 PM by Nutmeg Chapter President Jonathan (Jon) Yeomans.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by the Chapter President.   Jon extended a heartfelt thank you from the Club members to Matt Pfahl for his genuine hospitality in hosting the Nutmeg Chapter Club meeting.  Members enjoyed exploring the shop at Pfahl’s Mack and Antique Truck Restorations and when asked, Matt noted that the antique Greyhound bus has been restored and returned to the owner, thus concluding a 9 year project.  However, other vehicles in various stages of restoration were present and when asked about these projects, Matt identified the work being undertaken for each as well as the history of ownership and business for each. Thirty-four Club members signed the guestbook.

Secretary’s Report:

A motion was made to accept the Secretary’s Report of the January 14, 2018 meeting as it appeared in the Newsletter.  The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously to approve the report.

Treasurer Report: Period from January 1, 2018 – February 28, 2018  Tom Bachand

  1. Regular Club Account Activity

Deposits:  Dues, Newsletter advertisement, 50/50 raffle and a donation

Expenses:  BTS Graphics & Printing, Newsletter expenses

  1. Show Account Activity

No Activity, Closing Balance matches Opening Balance.

A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as stated. The motion was seconded and the Club members voted unanimously to approve the report.

Membership Report:  Elizabeth Robertson

162 members on the roster

  1. 29 have not paid 2018 Membership Dues
  2. One new member: Don Rich of Oxford,  CT

A motion was made to accept the Membership Report.  The motion was seconded and the Club members voted unanimously to approve the report.


  1. ATHS Nutmeg Chapter Steering Column Newsletter

Don welcomes chapter members’ contributions to the Newsletter in the form of stories, renovation articles and pictures, “for sale & wanted” item ads and any shows or meeting information to add to the Calendar of Events.  Also, business card ads space can be purchased for $50.00 a year to help offset cost of the Newsletter publication.

  1. Social Media:  Jonathan  noted that Facebook currently has 700 followers.  Should be good for Brooklyn Show awareness.
  1. Website: (Linda Raymond, Webmaster)  Jonathan  and Linda have spoken about the present ATHS hosting platform for our website . It is cumbersome and Linda Isis searching for a hosting platform that would be easier to update and to navigate.
  1. 2018-2020 Officer Elections:  Jon reminded the members that the positions of President and Membership Officer would be open for the November  Elections.  He has been recruiting members for the search committee that will meet in April to prepare for the nomination process.  Please contact Jon if you are able to help in any manner.  Without  leadership commitment, the future of the Nutmeg Chapter is in jeopardy.
  1. The Regional ATHS Vice President of the New Hampshire and Maine chapters actively attends ATHS Board Meetings and is in communication with Jonathan about the Executive Board turnover and the new management structure in place at National.  As members of the ATHS, the state chapters have the right to full disclosure andunderstanding of the ATHS business operation.  Without a Nutmeg Regional Vice President to represent the club, it is more difficult, but not impossible, to get information as requested.  The ATHS Statement of Financial

Position through December 2017 was available for  members’ review.


  1. 2018 Brooklyn Truck Show: John & Linda Raymond
  2. The Flyers and posters are printed and available for distribution. Members were encouraged to take them.
  3. Members are asked to consider and commit to assigned tasks and time periods for Saturday and Sunday.

Sign-up sheets will be available at the May meeting.

  1. Toy Barn: The Club has already paid the Brooklyn Fairgrounds fee for 2018 and that payment included the

$400 rental fee for the building that has historically housed the Toy Show.  Therefore, the Club will try to carry on with the show if a coordinator volunteers  to organize and oversee the vendors.  Joni Cokely is willing to work with the Club and will provide a list of vendors. Please contact Jon if you can help in this area Photographer: There is an opportunity to hire a professional photographer for the day at a fee of $400.  Also, two club members have family members who are photographers and they will contact them about their interest in being our  photographer.

  1. Golf Carts: Several area rental companies were mentioned and they will be contacted.
  2. Main Pedestrian Gate: It was noted that folks start to come in around 6:30 AM for the Flea Market browsing.It was suggested that earlier member coverage at that gate would assure that entrance fees are collected.
  1. The Wellington: Jon will talk to Denis Yaworski about the availability of the Wellington for the Brooklyn Show.
  1. May 20, 2018 Meeting location possibilities included:
  2. Carter Hill Farm (Goats & Roses Restaurant) in Marlborough, CT is interested in having a truck event and mightconsider hosting a meeting to which members could bring their trucks.  Arthur Slie and Jon will follow up.
  1. The Yeomans Residence in Andover CT with 55 acres of property and trails and active lumber trucks.
  2. Chuck’s Trucks Restoration Shop, Hamden, CT has expressed interest.  Peter will follow up.

The location for the May meeting will be announced in the Newsletter.


  1. The Connecticut Fire Museum will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2018. Tom Holcomb will announce events to commemorate this anniversary as they develop.
  2. Future ATHS Regional Shows schedule. Don Arnauckas announced the following years and locations 2018 – Lexington, KY  2019 –  Reno, NV  2020 – Springfield, IL       2021 – Harrisonburg, VA (Maybe?)
  1. Based on a previous vote by the membership, a subsidy of $100 is being given to hosts of the Nutmeg Chapter meetings to help offset their costs . Matt Pfahl thanked the Club for these funds but noted that he would be accepting them on behalf of someone else.  Matt’s son, Matthew attends the local elementary school and has shared the following with his father:  A boy in Matthew’s class has five siblings that live with their grandparents.  Teachers have been helping the family with buying lunch and snacks but can no longer do so.  Matthew has suggested to his father that the $100 be given to help support the boy and his family.  Thanks to Matthew for his compassion and to Matt for his generosity.
  2. Mark’s in East Granby will be starting its Monday Cruise Nights again in the Spring. There is a possibility to have a truck show there as well for interested members.  Jon will try to get more details.
  3. 2017 Brooklyn Show Nutmeg Chapter hats and tee shirts featuring Peter Yeoman’s truck were available for sale.


Peter Yeomans shared the wisdom that came to him during the months he was recovering from a broken leg.  Benefiting from much time on his hands and  his  40-plus years collection of Early Ford V8 Club monthly magazines.  He found out what he didn’t know about Ford Flatheads and converting a vehicle with 6Volt (positive polarity) to 12 Volts (negative polarity) and the potential issue resulting in a 25% loss of power due to the reversal of the current flow.  A digital volt meter will discover the loss of power and a company exists that will rewire the coil if you have converted your truck and are experiencing hesitation or loss of power.

50/50 Raffle Winner:  Jack Moccio was the winner of the Raffle.  He donated the winnings back to the Club.                                      Thank you, Jack.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Betty Jay, Secretary