Meeting Minutes



January 14, 2018



Call to Order:  2:00 PM by Nutmeg Chapter President Jonathan (Jon) Yeomans.



The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by the Chapter President.   Jon extended a heartfelt thank you from the Club members to Harold and Cynthia Foskett for their genuine hospitality in welcoming the Nutmeg Chapter members to hold the Club meeting at Foskett Equipment.   He also expressed appreciation to the Club members for the kindnesses, thoughts and prayers for his family during Peter’s recovery and Jon’s hospitalization as well as the good wishes for the new Jon and Courtney baby arriving in July.

There were thirty Club members in attendance.

Secretary’s Report:

A motion was made to accept the Secretary’s Report of the November 12, 2017 meeting as it appeared in the Newsletter.  The motion was seconded and the members voted unanimously to approve the report.

Treasurer Report: Period from November 1, 2017– December 31, 2017:  Tom Bachand

  1. Regular Club Account Activity:

Income:     Thanks Giving dinner ticket receipts, Dues, Newsletter ad, 50/50 money, and a donation.

Expenses:  BTS Graphics &Printing for the Newsletters, postage for the Newsletters, transfer to show account for the charitable donations, and the Matthews Catering bill.

  1. Show Account Activity:

Income:   Tee shirts and hat sales, transfer from Regular Account for the charitable donations,

Expenses:  Haul of Fame Museum donation, charitable donations to ARC, Pomfret Boy Scouts, East Woodstock Cornet Band, TEEG, and the Salvation Army.

Tom presented the Annual Report to the Board and obtained necessary officer signatures. He will mail the Annual Report to the ATHS as required.

Membership Report: Elizabeth Robertson

There are 162 Nutmeg Chapter Club members.  Forty-five members owe dues for 2018.  A $10 donation was made.


The Newsletter

Don Arnauckas continues to welcome chapter members’ contributions to the Newsletter in the form of stories,pictures, “for sale & wanted” ads as well as business card advertisements.  Sponsorship in the form of advertisements costs $50.00 annually.  The advertisement fee helps to offset the cost of the Newsletter.

Jonathan noted that the ATHS Nutmeg Chapter Calendar of Events as it appears in the Newsletters is a reliable source of information for all readers.  He encourages members to submit events and dates for the calendar.

 Social Media:  Website & Facebook

Jonathan will continue to monitor and update both.  Linda Raymond continues to be our Webmaster.Charitable Donations: Members at the annual meeting in November voted to donate $5000.00 to local charities.

Tom Bachand and Jonathan Yeomans will personally present the checks.Search Committee: Jon will now be able to contact members interested in forming a Search Committee to discuss potential leadership for the 2018-2020 Nutmeg Chapter Officer Slate.  He expects to have this search committee members announced at the March meeting.

  1. Words of Appreciation from:
  2. Denis Yaworski for the generous donation from the Nutmeg Chapter to the Haul of Fame Museum.
  3. Colonel Arnold Briggs for the nomination and subsequent presentation of the American Truck Historical Society Distinguished Service Award for his dedicated years of service to the ATHS.  The Nutmeg Chapter membership ihappy for the recognition that Arnold received in The South Coast Today, his local newspaper.

NEW BUSINESS 2018 Meeting dates and locations

March 18:   Matt Pfahl’s Mack & Antique Truck Restoration – Bethlehem, CT

May, July, September meeting dates will be announced later.

Brooklyn Truck Show June 24, 2018  

  1. 1. Jonathan noted that he would follow up on the progress made-to-date on the signage, availability of walkie-talkies  for communication on the fairgrounds and golf cart rental for transporting workers and equipment.
  1. John Raymond has submitted the Nutmeg Chapter Brooklyn Show dates in the Wheels of Time 2018 ShowAnnouncement listing
  1. The annual rental agreement and plan was renewed for 2018 with the Brooklyn Fairgrounds Committee.  Included in this existing plan is the rental cost of the building in which the toy vendors have previously been located.  Last year at the 2017 show, the organizers of the toy show announced their retirement.  That means that they will not be coordinating the individual toy vendors that rent space within the building and atthis time the Club has no definite tenants.  Rent paid by the toy vendors in the past has covered the $400 cost paid by the Club to the Brooklyn Fairgrounds for this building space
  2. Jonathan asked the membership for ideas that he can bring before the Board of Directors and John Raymond in order to utilize this building and offset the cost. Those present suggested the following ideas:
  • An indoor flea market
  • Offer the space to an old brass antique truck club
  • Offer the space to a car club
  • Create a kid-friendly activity area
  • Advertise the availability of the indoor area to invite any of the outside flea market vendors to move indoors (outdoor vendor space is $20.00 per space)
  • If John Raymond has a list of the individual toy vendors who have exhibited in the past, he could contact them personally and let them know that their space is still available for them to rent.
  • Since the relationship with the original organizers/coordinators of the indoor toy vendor show remains a good one, could Jonathan call the couple for a listing of the vendors to contact.


5. Truck Show Photographs:  Jon is looking for options, be it hiring a photographer for the day or taking names of any others that club members might know would be interested in the job.

6. A work signup sheet will be circulated.

7.Decision on when to stop collecting at the Spectator Gates:   many early-arriving show trucks leave in the early afternoon while spectators are still arriving.  Last year the cut off time was 1:00 PM.

  1. Cost for show trucks will remain at $10.00 for the first truck and $5.00 for other trucks in a fleet.
  2. Concern was raised regarding more modern trucks coming in as show trucks with more than two passengers; and then not paying the individual spectator feet at $5.00 each.  Good will and best way to handle this situation, if at all  should be discussed.
  1. Designated show truck for 2018 is Denis Yaworski’s Superliner. He will contact John Raymond to arrange for the picture for the dash plaque and tee shirts.




  1. ATHS National: The Dispatch publication has announced that an Executive Committee realignment has resulted in the appointment of a new Executive Director, Laurence Gration.   The new President, Tom Mullen, has been appointed and there are vacancies for a 3rd Vice-President and Treasurer.  Jonathan noted that the ATHS Board of Directors meeting will be held Jan 25–27, 2018 in Kansas City.  Nutmeg Club membership noted that without a Regional Vice-President, the Chapter no longer has representation on the national level to receive reports back on national business and activity.   It was suggested that the Mohawk Chapter Regional Vice-President or one of the New Jersey Chapter Regional Vice-Presidents might be willing to answer our Chapter members’ questions and provide further information.  Jonathan will follow up with a Nutmeg Chapter member who may have a contact.
  2. The Wellington Truck is committed to appear in truck shows for the next five years. Jonathan will inquire about the process involved so that the Nutmeg Chapter can get on the show list requesting the Wellington to appear.
  3. 2017 Brooklyn Truck Show tee shirts and hats will be available for sale at the March 18 Chapter meeting.
  4. There was an assortment of Wheels of Time, Old Time Trucks, and Double Clutch publications free for the taking.
  5. The Winner of the 50/50 Raffle was Cal Neely.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jay, Secretary