President’s Message


Well, Spring has Sprung, and fast!  I think it was only a couple weeks ago we got hammered with snow, and now we’re into the 60’s and 70’s!  Nobody is surprised though given that we live in New England. I’m starting to see the antique vehicles on the road now that some rain has cleaned the salt and chemicals off the asphalt.   That’s a good thing, clean roads are a welcomed sight for those that have been hit hard with rust on their trusty trucks.  In my day job at GE, there are certain applications where we use a particular Steel with a brand name called ‘Corten’ which stands for ‘Corrosion and Tensile’ meaning it has great Corrosion resistance, and very good Tensile Strength attributes.   When it is exposed to moisture, it will develop a layer of corrosion (rust) on its exterior surface, but this corrosion happens in a way that it seals out any additional moisture from attacking beyond the outermost layer.  Hence, it stays protected from further rust damage, even though it has an outer ‘Rust’ appearance.  Many times you will see this in sculptures, wall art, metal fences and hand rails, etc. in the cities.  I bring this up because sometimes I wonder why we don’t make our truck frames out of it.  They’re no doubt going to look rusty, but why not have full corrosion resistance at the same time!  Those of you who keep up with your frames so they are always painted and show no signs of rust are probably rolling your eyes right now.  I give you guys’ credit for your efforts.


Speaking of cleaning up rust, how many have pulled the ‘ol jalopy out of the shed to give it a once over and a shot of starter fluid?  Whether you’re planning to attend the first truck show or cruise night of the year, or if you have to go get a load of mulch for your wife, I hope your antique is almost ready to go.  Get them out now.  Memorial Day will be here before you know it and you don’t want to be left behind when your truck buddies are heading off to the show.  For some, now will be the time that you realize you never put Stabil in your gas last fall.  As we’ve talked about in the past, the gasoline these days does not last long without it.  If you have un-stabilized fuel in your carburetor, you may want to have the carb cleaned before spending too much time trying to get it to start.  I’ve seen first-hand what bad gas looks (and smells) like and what it can do to a carburetor.  The other problem I’ve seen is someone spending a lot of time cleaning a carburetor, only to then pump the same bad gas that they didn’t flush out of the gas tank right through the carb and gum it all up again.  Don’t Do That!  I’m sure this information is not new, however for those that are in a hurry, sometimes we take shortcuts that ultimately add time instead of save it.


I look forward to a great year of seeing folks out at cruise nights promoting our club.  I would like to have a Truck Stop Coffee gathering in a few weeks.  As discussed at the last meeting, I would like to grab coffee at the TA Travel Center in Willington on Ruby Rd on April 29th.  I would like to meet around 8:30 am and we can gather for coffee or breakfast.  It would be great to see folks come in their antique to fetch interest from the truckers at the truck stop.  We can hand out flyers for our Truck Show to anyone that’s interested.   And speaking of which, I have the flyers so, call or send me an email if you need one.


That’s it for now, look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting at Coutu’s Truck Country in Willimantic on May 21!  Or sooner at the TA…  Take care,


-Jonathan Yeomans