President’s Message



In true New England fashion we have skipped straight from Winter to Summer, then a few days back to Winter, then back to Summer.  Maybe 15 days of hard rain in-between called Spring?  I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend and took some time to remember that the holiday has more meaning than getting the boat ready or cleaning the grill off.  If you’re free to use a boat and cook burnt hot dogs on an un-evenly cooking Char-Broil grill, it’s because many died to protect our freedom and we salute, remember, and pray for those who did.  Put those American Flags on your Antique Truck and go for a ride, wear it proud.


If you haven’t seen or heard much from me lately, you can easily find me in Homer City, PA working on a Coal fired Power Plant upgrading their emissions control system so that the plant produces less NOx gas emissions.  NOx gas emissions are responsible for tearing up the atmosphere and creating Smog.  So with the trade winds blowing East, you can thank me next time you’re driving through the state with less NOx emissions in our Connecticut air.  Between the job, the baby on the way, and now going through purchasing a new home, my availability has been quite limited so I apologize for that.  Courtney and I are very excited with all that is going on and the changes we’re going through and hope you all remember those days if you’ve gone through them already.  Eight months ago we were newlyweds in a one bedroom apartment.  By mid-July we’ll be parents of a baby girl in a 2300 sq. ft. home in Coventry with a 3 car garage!  (Courtney will wonder why that’s the highlighted part.)


But you didn’t sign up for the newsletter to read about my life, let’s talk Trucks… and TRUCK SHOWS!!!  June 24th is our Brooklyn Truck Show which I’m sure is already on your calendar!  For those that are keeping score at home, this will be our 30th Annual Show!  That’s a pretty good run and I’d like to keep it going strong.  We need volunteers to help with various tasks as is typical each year.  We have great active members that continue to help every year, however these members often miss the show because they had to work all day.  We’re looking for extra help so that EVERYONE gets to enjoy the show.  Please call me if you have some free time.  The tasks are not hard and can be a great way to see the trucks, such as Truck Parking, or Entry Gate assistance.  If the weather works out for us, I’m sure we’ll easily have a 200+ truck show.  You don’t want to miss this event and getting involved will be a great way to show your support.


For those that missed our May meeting, you missed a fun time at Carter Hill Farm in Marlborough, CT.  The Lichatz family was more than accommodating and set us up in a nice rustic barn setting with goats, chickens, ducks, and 2 Peacocks that graced our meeting with their presence.  Thank you to Elizabeth Robertson for protecting the desserts from the growing interest of those pretty birds.  Unfortunately, the ground was still very wet and a potential Non-4×4 Stuck hazard so we did not bring in a bunch of antique trucks, but we intend to return later this year for that purpose.  Details later in this newsletter.  In the meantime, I hope everyone is excited to get back to Coutu Truck Country in Willimantic, CT in July after the show for a picnic.  Bring your list of pickup truck part needs and I’m sure Rob will get you setup with exactly what you need.


If you haven’t done so already, checkout our Facebook Page –  “Like” and “Share” our page to continue our exposure.  I have our Truck Show Poster up and have been sharing it with various clubs around the state.  It has been seen by over 10k people so far and will continue to be shared by people all over the state promoting our show.  Help us out and give it a “Share”!


See you all on June 24th!


Jonathan Yeomans