President’s Message




Hey all, hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  I’ve been working so much inside that I honestly couldn’t tell you what the weather has been like.  I do however know that there must have been a few nice days because Courtney keeps asking me to take her to the beach.  I will say that we had great weather for our Show this year, and I am thanking all that is holy for that.  If you were there, you know how great the show was; if you were not there, then YOU REEEAAALLLLY MISSED a great show!  We didn’t have much in the way of official picture taking, so if you have any pictures send them to us, or tag us on Social Media with the hashtag #nutmegtrucks and we’ll find them.  If you have pictures of your truck at other shows or working hard, send those as well!


This may sound like a better message for November but I need to say Thank You to all of those that made the show a Huge Success.  I don’t like to name names for fear of missing people so I’ll hold off, but the whole crew did an amazing job.  John Raymond, our Show Coordinator said it best when he sent me a follow-up email stating the following:  “If you look at the Show numbers and break it down by hour, we “processed” 287 vehicles in about 3 hours. I do not have the attendance count but I feel it is safe to say about 1100+ spectators passed through the gates in about 4 hours. Those are some impressive numbers to be handled by a relatively small number of volunteers. So to EVERYONE who helped in any degree, THANK YOU. You all made it a Great Show. “


There are still many Car, Truck, and Tractor shows left this year so I hope you can get out and enjoy them.  We are planning two Truck Convoys for this fall and if you want to run the asphalt with your antique, plan on joining us.  On September 17th we’ll be headed up to Southwick, MA to Jack Moccio’s for our September Meeting; and then again on Sunday October 8th (Columbus Day Weekend) we will go to the ATHS Pioneer Valley Truck show in Westfield, MA.  If you’re planning to attend either event, then we hope to see you ride with us.  Have a kid or grandkid that’s never ridden in the truck?  Bring them along too!  A little exhaust fumes won’t hurt them, that’s what rolling down the windows and kicking the vents open are for.  For both events, I’d like to meet at the Commuter Lot right off Exit 38 Day Hill Rd in Windsor, CT off I-91.  I’ll bring some donuts and coffee.  Look for details in this newsletter.


At the very least, I hope we can have a good showing of trucks this year at the Woodstock Fair on Labor Day Weekend.  For those who don’t know, the Woodstock Fair usually makes a generous donation to our Club because of our support.  I would love to keep returning the favor and support their event with a good showing of Nutmeg Trucks.  Your truck acts as your entry ticket for you and your better half so that’s a double win.  I will see you there.


With that, I’m going to close for now and see everyone soon!  Thank you all again for your help and support, together we can keep moving forward.


-Jonathan Yeomans