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Happy New Year!!! 


Welcome to the Nutmeg Chapter of the American Truck Historical Society

NEXT MEETING:  5/19/19 – ANDERT, Inc. in Eastford, CT – 2:00 PM

President’s Message


I want to thank everyone for helping me at our January meeting.  It was my “first day on the job” and I am sure many of you can relate to your first day on a new job.  I know I cannot do this job alone, so I will be calling on members to help me.  Luckily I have a very strong VP, Treasurer, Secretary and Board Members.  All of us will be doing our very best for the Nutmeg Chapter.

Those that attended our January meeting saw first-hand what our Chapter does for our community.  Our Annual Charitable Donations were presented and the recipients explained what their organizations do with our donations and how they help their local communities.  We are proud to support them.

As you will note from the Minutes of the January meeting, there was much discussion on the Brooklyn Truck Show and the Toy Barn.  June seems a long way off, but it isn’t and now is the time to plan ahead and make the right decisions for a successful 2019 show.  Bottom line is, we are proceeding with the Toy Barn feature of our show.  We needed someone to head this undertaking and Nutmeg Member Maggie McCormack graciously volunteered for this position.  When she said she would need help, Pat Bachand stepped up to help Maggie.  We have a great team here and once again the Ladies of the Nutmeg Chapter have come to the rescue.  If anyone knows of any vendors who may want to be a part of our show, please get in touch with Maggie or Pat.  Likewise, if you have any suggestions to improve our show, please let us hear from you!

Our March meeting will be hosted by member Matt Pfahl.  This is always a great and interesting place to meet and see what is being restored.  There is always “new” old trucks in various stages of restoration to see.  Since our last meeting there, you will note the driveway and area in front of the garage has been paved.  If you travel through Waterbury on your way to Matt’s you will note the new and improved I-84.  Three lanes in each direction are now open and it is definitely a vast improvement for those who travel I-84 in the Waterbury area.

Harold Foskett has been working with member Mike Andert to host our May meeting at Andert, Inc. in Eastford, CT.  More details will follow on this new meeting spot.  If you have any ideas for a future meeting, please let it be known.

If you have not paid your 2019 Dues by the printing of the next Newsletter, this will be your last newsletter.  A self-addressed envelope is included with this newsletter for those who have not paid their 2019 Nutmeg dues.  We do not want to lose you and we hope you will not want to miss out on what’s in store this year at the Nutmeg Chapter.

There is a special insert in this newsletter from the New York Department of Transportation concerning “Hobby Vehicles” as they pertain to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  Our members, Jim and Donna Liamis got this information at the ATHS Ballston Spa, NY truck show, where the NY State Police had a display.  You might want to carry this in your antique truck.  It just might save you from going to jail.  If you do go to jail, the ladies of the Nutmeg Chapter make the best brownies and chocolate chip cookies and would gladly send some to you!

As I write this, it is below zero here in Oakville.  To warm you up, we have included some pictures of our members’ trucks at the Woodstock Fair this past September.  If you have the opportunity to go to only one Connecticut Fair, may we suggest the Woodstock Fair!

Looking forward to seeing you at Pfhal’s Truck Restoration in Bethlehem on March 17.  If you have any model or toy trucks, bring them to our first “Table Top Truck Show”.

Don Arnauckas, President